Monday, July 27, 2009

Travelling while pregnant

I came across this informative post today by pregnancy/parenting expert Ann Douglas on Canadian Babies about travelling while pregnant.

It's also a good idea to pack a big box of your preferred heartburn/indigestion remedy of choice. There's nothing like the combo of travelling, disturbed sleep and unfamiliar foods to enhance that uncomfortable pregnancy side-effect.

Happy travels!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sarah Brazeau and Erin Laberee from were featured on the Breakfast Show on Calgary's CityTV this morning. They were on air to offer advice about travelling with kids, and borrowed a CARES airplane harness from Little Traveller to extol the virtues of this little 1lb device.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jump seat booster makes eating more fun!

We're excited to add another new item to our inventory. The Beanstalk Jump Seat booster is an incredible seat that fits on virtually all dining chairs turning them into an instant highchair. Now your toddler can sit at the table (any table!) and enjoy dinner with the rest of the family. These so-called jump seats are popular in Europe where space is often an issue.

Another benefit of the seat is that it folds completely flat (you can even remove the handles) and so it travels really well. It has a lightweight metal, adjustable frame and is suitable for babies over 6 months weighing up to 30 lbs.
The Beanstalk jump seat is available to rent through Little Traveller in Calgary for $4 a day / $24 a week.

Kid-friendly hiking near Calgary

One of the best things about living in Calgary is the proximity to the Rockies and all the amazing hiking on offer there. We headed to Heart Creek at the weekend with our two little girls. Our 17 month old was as happy as can be in the Jack Wolfskin Watchtower Deluxe backpack. It's one of the most comfortable backpacks you can find -- well suited for broad-shouldered or tall men. Our 4 year old is an adept hiker now and helps with the regular shout outs to warn away the bears (and all other wildlife!)

The Heart Creek trail near Lac Des Arcs (just 45 minutes from Calgary) is perfect for little legs. It's an easy half day hike with limited elevation gain. The trail follows the creek and there are seven log-wood bridges along the route which my daughter literally skipped across while I held on tight to the railing. We couldn't see the waterfall at the end because there's some rock-climbing involved in reaching it, but we enjoyed lunch at the little beach at the base of the falls. The wildflowers are incredible this time of year.

Another great area for hiking with kids is Bow Valley Provincial Park. There are a number of short loops and some great picnic spots. Head there soon to catch all the lillies and the Indian Paintbrush in bloom.

The Jack Wolfskin Watchtower Deluxe backpack is available to rent from Little Traveller for $7 a day / $42 a week.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Code Red "Bag It"

While browsing in a Calgary store, I came across a great addition for my backpack, diaper bag and car's glove box. They are biodegradeable bags called the Code Red "Bag It" that come in a tiny red dispenser with a loop attached. I use mine as on-the-go diaper bags or garbage bags. I bought a pack of three dispensers -- 36 bags in all -- for just $9.99 at Kacz' Kids.

I love finding products like this that make my life easier!

Road trips and new rental gear

Everyone I know is heading out on at least one road trip this summer with their children. We've got a few new items in our rental inventory that will make road trips and day trips easier. The Star Kids Snack & Play travel trays are ideal for keeping toddlers and preschoolers occupied on long journeys. The simple velcro closure attaches around any car seat to offer a flat play/snack surface. We rent them in the Calgary area for $3 a day / $18 per week.

Some moms I know don't let their kids eat in the car because of the mess it makes. I'm not one of them -- snacks are a highlight of our road trips! (And no one would notice a few extra crumbs on the floor of our car.) So, here are a few links I've found with great snack ideas and recipes.

5 Healthier Snacks for kids to eat on road trips
Great Road Trip Snacks from Road Trip America
Weightwatchers Top 10 Road Trip Snacks

We've also added some UV playshade tents and over-the-shoulder cooler bags to our inventory to make day trips and picnics more fun for everyone. For more info and pricing, check out our Specials page online or give us a call at Little Traveller at 1-877-242-4067.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calgary Stampede Tips and Tricks Part IV

Yum. Who doesn't love pancakes and maple syrup? Here's a heads up on a few of the free Stampede breakfasts that are happening around Calgary in the next few days.

The CBC Stampede breakfast is tomorrow July 2 from 7-9 am at the CBC building on Memorial Dr (1724 Westmount Blvd NW). This is the first breakfast event for the Stampede Caravan which tours the city dishing out free sausage and pancakes. Click here for the Caravan schedule.

Calgary's largest stampede breakfast takes place at Chinook Mall on July 4 from 7-11 am.

Visit to get a full listing of events around Calgary that are searchable by city quadrant, postal code or date.

Happy Canada Day!

Today is the official kick-off of the Little Taveller and Baby Rhys great summer bandana hat giveaway!

For the month of July, all Little Traveller baby equipment rental customers will get a free eco-friendly cotton bandana hat for their little travellers. Check out the Baby Rhys Adventure Gear web site for more great products from this Albertan company.

Want to know more about Canada Day? Check this page out for the inside scoop on the history of the celebration.

Who are we? Little Traveller rents baby gear in Calgary and surrounding areas.