Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's snow time

My 5 year old regularly goes cross-country skiing. I think she enjoys the time with dad more than the act of skiing itself, but either way she's out enjoying the sunshine and snow on a regular basis. And because she's familiar with the sport, she's loving the Olympic skiing coverage (although she insists on cheering for the person wearing her favourite coloured outfit.)

If Olympic fever has hit your home, check out the Everything Mom Olympics page which features links to everything you ever wanted to know about the Olympics.

If your family is not that into the Olympics but you still love to get out and ski, then the ski savvy info on the Savvy Mom website will come in useful. They have compiled a guide to ski lessons and daycare options at four ski areas close to Calgary.

And if neither the Olympics nor skiing float your boat, then head to the new interactive dinosaur display at the Calgary Zoo. Until October, the Prehistoric Park features 20 roaring, moving dinosaurs sure to thrill kids of any age.

And if you are travelling to Calgary for any reason this spring and need to rent baby equipment -- including snowsuits -- contact Little Travelller baby equipment rentals.